Family Prayers

Choose any of these prayers listed or feel comfortable to “mix and match.”Praying

  • Bless this food, and those we hold dear, in Jesus name, Amen
  • Let us pause before we eat to think about the ones in need of food and shelter and of love, please bless us all dear God. Amen
  • Lord we thanks you for guiding, blessing and protecting us. Bless this to our strength and to your glory. Amen
  • Our Heavenly Father pardon our sins and give us thankful hearts for these and all other blessings. Bless this food to our bodies and our bodies to your service.Amen
  • Our Father in Heaven, we thank you from our hearts for this meal that you have given for us. As we share it together we invite you to be with us and be the guest of honor. Amen